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The Copper Kettle- a charming local tea bar that you must visit if you haven’t already! Two sisters migrated to Foley to open what they refer to as a “Great Good Place” and I, for one, am sure happy they did! Just a little history behind this beautifully decorated home- It is actually the last standing shotgun home from the 1930’s on Chicago St. Shotgun homes housed men that worked on the railroad. George Wallace and his wife, Louise, own this home. George grew up in one of the other homes while his father and grandfather worked on the railroad. - Goes to show there’s more than just meets the eye, which you will also find out when visiting. Not only is this place full of beauty and vintage charm, the staff is so inviting and cater to your every need.

Every kind of tea you can imagine is on their menu along with daily lunches (soups, sandwiches, scones….etc!) They even host tea tastings! Some with a theme. (Who doesn't love a good theme?!) In the shop you have a choice of many local items to purchase: honey, handmade jewelry, dish towels, soaps...etc. So, not only are you quenching your thirst and filling your tummy,you are able to buy gifts for loved ones to spread the tea cheer as well!

Enjoy your tea outside sitting at any one of the unique tables that surround the home. On the back patio you can sit under the large oak tree that houses a pretty neat bat cave and a lovely string of lights for the evening. Potted plants are everywhere to see and smell.

The list of the “greats” and “goods” of this tea bar can go on and on! Maybe you should just stop reading and go for a visit! Let me know how it goes for you and if you were as charmed as I was and will shout it out to everyone you know!

Enjoy the pictures attached! Enjoy The Copper Kettle!

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